Daniel Fava – A Little Course About SEO | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Daniel Fava – A Little Course About SEO | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Daniel Fava – A Little Course About SEO | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !



Ok, so you’ve built a website, poured your soul into writing content and maybe even added a blog post or two.

But no one can find you in search engines…

So you find a couple keywords you want to rank for, but now what the heck do you do with them?

If you JUST build it, no one will JUST come.

Nowadays, if you want to be found in Google, you have to know what Google looks for in your content in order to rank well in search results.

And a couple keywords, sprinkled here and there, won’t cut it either.

But, there is hope and it’s easier than you may think…

Because once you know the most important places that Google is looking for your keywords, you can create optimized content consistently and easily.

A Little Course About SEO is a mini-training for mental health professionals who want to confidently create SEO optimized web pages and blog posts consistently

In this training, you’ll learn 10 crucial things you can do to help boost your page rank in Google and drive more traffic to your private practice website.

This training will help you reduce the time spent optimizing each piece of content you create, feel confident knowing your web page or blog post has what it needs to rank in Google, and quickly help you get found by potential clients.

You’ll know exactly what’s important to Google and publish SEO optimized content EVERY time.

How Would Creating Web Pages & Blog Posts Be Different If You Could:

  • Know exactly where to put your keywords?
  • Have a list of SEO optimizing tasks to check off before publishing content?
  • Know what things Google looks for to determine your content is valuable?
  • Be confident your content is the ideal length for search engines?
  • Know your content has been optimized for SEO instead of doubting that you’re doing the right thing?

Now You can

What’s Included In This Little Course

Video Training:

In the 14-minute video training, I’ll break down the 10 simple ways you can optimize each page or blog post you create.

I’ll give you examples of SEO that’s working along the way so you’ll know how to apply it to your own website.

Downloadable Cheatsheet & Checklist:

Plus, you’ll also get a copy of the On-Page SEO Checklist, a PDF resource and checklist you can print out so you’ll never publish a piece of content that hasn’t been optimized again.

Print it out and keep it handy so you can quickly optimize your content.



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