Dandrew Media – Commercial Real Estate Financier

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Dandrew Media – Commercial Real Estate Financier

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Dandrew Media – Commercial Real Estate Financier

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Now that you know the basics,
it’s time to launch your career in commercial real estate.
Discover institutional secrets and financing strategies to build your business with ease.

Dandrew Media’s revolutionary commercial real estate education has helped thousands of Intermediaries build a seven-figure portfolio from zero by thinking like a bank, not like a landlord. Commercial Real Estate Financier is an in-depth analysis covering the entire spectrum of commercial financing. Industry professionals are raving about our all-inclusive, hands-on teaching approach. Even industry veterans are blown away by our invaluable lessons on where to find deals. We’ll walk you through every component of the financing process. Intermediaries will learn how to pre-qualify deals, weigh the risks and rewards of varying asset classes, understand bankruptcy and review capital structures.

In this industry it’s all about building credibility. The 126-page Commercial Real Estate Financier Training Manual will give you a step-by-step guide to starting your business. We’ll reveal proven strategies to ensure you start off strong and are taken seriously. Dandrew’s entire training system is based on not just telling you what to do, but showing you. From call scripts to agreement & letter templates, you’ll have the tools needed to hit the ground running. Our on-line convenience allows you to learn at your own pace. Commercial Real Estate Financier’s 3-day seminar contains endless hours of live training, and is now available for immediate digital download. Our expert instructor’s have experienced decades of success in commercial financing, and for the first time their seminars are available to Intermediaries across the country. It’s time you weigh the risks in your own life. Can you afford not to work the Dandrew system? With Dandrew on your side, the rewards far surpass the risks. It’s time you invest in yourself and discover your potential.

Credibility Kit
Our proven system and essential business practices will give you the edge needed to succeed in commercial real estate. Credibility is everything in this business. Implement these techniques to ensure you’re taken seriously.

Find & Fund Deals
We are deal sourcing experts. We’ve watched so many spin their wheels and never seem to pick up deals. From day one of working our system, you’ll begin cultivating meaningful deal flow.

Pre-Qualifying Strategies
Just because you think you have a deal, doesn’t mean that you do. Performing due diligence on every deal is vital to your success. We’ll teach you how to pre-qualify and expose the red flags that could end up costing you both time and money.

Asset Class Review
From multi-family to distressed assets, it’s imperative you have a thorough understanding of all property classes and investment types. We’ll reveal the benefits and risks involved for each allowing you to make informed decisions.

Call scripts & Templates
No more pondering over what to say to a potential client or lender. With our scripts in hand, cold calling has never been easier. Work our system and in no time you’ll have these scripts memorized.

Real Estate Syndications
So many of our Intermediaries want to know how syndications work. Learn the intricacies of this lucrative financing strategy and discover how you can participate in a big deal that you’d otherwise not be able to get into.

Get Dandrew Media – Commercial Real Estate Financier right now!


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