Dan Deppen – Note Launchpad 1997 | Instant Download !

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Dan Deppen – Note Launchpad 1997 | Instant Download !

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Dan Deppen – Note Launchpad 1997 | Instant Download !



Tell me if this sounds like you:
You want to become a note investor, but not have it take forever and cost exorbitant amounts of money.

You’re tired of feeling like learning note investing is too overwelming and confusing.

You need someone experienced to show you what you need to do.

You spend too much time dealing with toilets, tenants and trash with your current real estate portfolio.

You’re over trying to find deals in other areas of real estate investing where there is too much competition.

You are looking for a way to raise more money and scale your business.

You wish there was an easy way to follow a step by step process and become an active note investor.


If there was a way to become an active note investor within 30 days

You could quickly and accurately price both performing and non-performing mortgage notes…

You had all the systems and processes you need to build a scalable notes business

There was someone with you to show you the way step by step…

Who is this right for?

  • Newbies:

    If you are new to note investing you may be overwelmed at all the content available out there.

    Having a step by step method to follow can save you endless hours and make sure you aren’t missing any critical steps.

    The Note Launchpad can show you not only how to become an active note investor, but how to do it within 30 days!

  • Experienced Note Investors:

    Already have some experience buying notes? Great!

    The Note Launchpad will provide you step by step processes to speed up your sourcing and due diligence, and give you the templates for the systems and standard operating procedures to build a scalable notes business.

  • Seller Financiers:

    Are you already creating or want to create your own seller financed notes?

    The Note Launchpad will show you how to structure them to maximize their value, and teach you what note investors are looking for to make it easier to sell your notes and get top dollar for them.

What’s inside

Note Launchpad


  • In this phase we are going to start by teaching you the Money Mindset, which is the most critical aspect of investing. Next you’ll go through the Note Foundations Program, and come away with a solid understand of how to be a note investor. This isn’t some high level overview, it’s the meat and potatoes of note investing! We’ll wrap up with how to get your business set up and ready to run, and then find more deals using Marketing Made Easy. Phase 1 already gives you more than most overpriced seminars and mastermind groups!


  • Most people who take note training never buy any notes, you will not be one of those people! In phase 2, we’ll take you through step by step and have you making offers on notes. We’ll start by giving you a list of sellers and teaching you how to Find Note Sellers Now. Then once you have access to investors, you’ll use the Fast Filtering Method to determine which notes to make offers on. We’ll take you through how to negotiate and price the deal using Nimble Note Pricing, complete your due diligence, then close the deal. At the end of this phase you’ll be able to quickly find, filter and close on deals, putting you in the top tier of note investors!


  • Now you’ve closed on some notes, it’s time to do the work to earn an outsized return. In phase 3, you’ll learn how to rehab borrowers and turn non-performing notes into performing ones using Loss Mitigation Magic, and we’ll cover my favorite note exit strategies! You’ll also learn exactly what you need to do to manage your portfolio efficiently on a day to day basis, and never let anything fall through the cracks. I’ll also teach you the secrets of what to do and expect when your note turns into an REO, and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls. By the end of phase 3 you’ll not be just someone who is interested in notes or has maybe bought 1, but a competent note operator!


  • Doing a few notes can be easy, but managing a portfolio can be a challenge. In phase 4, you’ll learn the Systems and Processes Savvy needed to scale your business. We’ll not only cover the tools, tips and tricks you need, but provide you with detailed checklists and tell you exactly what you need to do to scale. Whether it’s how to set up and use a CRM, use Standard Operating Prodedures or work with an assistant, you’ll be ready to scale your notes business with confidence!


  • In phase 5, you’ll learn how to add rocket fuel to your business. The Creative Financing Toolkit will teach you have to use creative financing methods to get into more deals. Downloadable spreadsheets and templates will make it easy. We’ll also teach you the Funding Formula, so you know the right way to use or provide outside money and be a reliable partner.


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