Curate – Become A Successful Digital Products Seller On Amazon FBA, CreateSpace, GumRoad and Merch

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Curate – Become A Successful Digital Products Seller On Amazon FBA, CreateSpace, GumRoad and Merch

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Curate – Become A Successful Digital Products Seller On Amazon FBA, CreateSpace, GumRoad and Merch

Get Curate – Become A Successful Digital Products Seller On Amazon FBA right now!

This course is carefully structured (or curated!) to give you everything you need to start building a successful digital inventory business. This is perfect for anyone – experienced sellers looking for a new opportunity or complete newbies. We explain everything in simple, step by step terms, while leaving plenty of room for you to bring your own creativity and ideas to the fore.

The success of our coloring book class last year was wonderful. It launched several bestsellers and turned dozens of ordinary people into authors and competing successfully with major publishing houses on Amazon.

Since then, I’ve been gradually moving my own business towards digital products. This transition has freed up more time for my family, cleared more space in my home and has added several simple streams to my income that really run themselves and are easily scalable. I get monthly checks from CreateSpace, Merch, GumRoad and several other platforms and they add up. I’d love to show you how you can also jump on board with digital business.

Benefits of Digital Inventory:

You can work from anywhere (Travel, vacation, home, even the hospital!)
Start for free! You can create your own products without spending a penny (assuming you have a computer and internet access!)
Once products are created, everything is automated. No shipping or returns!
Inventory lasts forever. No replenishment, just scaling!
You take royalties, you don’t pay fees so you invest only time, not money.
The course primarily focuses on CreateSpace, then Merch* and Gumroad. It includes screen-walkthroughs of publishing and selling on each of these platforms. You might be surprised how well they can complement one another and how successful a multipronged approach can be. Choose one, choose all three or apply the concepts of this course to platforms of your choice. Once you complete this course, you’ll be brimming over with ideas for products AND have the tools and skills to publish them yourself.

Course includes:

Over 18 hours of video instruction organized into standalone topics and easy-to-follow projects with accompanying resources.
24 pre-recorded video classes and 2 brand new live Q&A sessions for Spring.
Walkthroughs and real case studies from CreateSpace, GumRoad and Merch
Plus walkthroughs of alternative platforms including Amazon Custom, Gearbubble, Redbubble and lesser-known ways of monetizing media including sound, graphics and text.
An abundance of workable, sellable ideas. Follow the examples then get creative with your own products.
Newbie friendly classes with no prior knowledge assumed, while also introducing new ideas and strategies for advanced sellers.
GumRoad case study. Watch how I rapidly created a product on GumRoad that sold for several thousand dollars overnight.
Access to our busy and supportive, private Facebook mastermind group ‘Curate & Create’ (formerly Blue Sky Create)
Crash course in Facebook Marketing
In depth guide to researching and selecting keywords, using real data to make sure your shirts and other products sell.
Access to our exclusive SkyWords software
Bonus access to our Coloring Book class
Stacks of resources, links and repositories of media you can use in your projects
Free access to next-wave updates
Detailed, innovative classes focusing on sellable projects like digital collages, sound recordings, subscription services, printables, educational materials and much more!
Plus learn these skills:

Learn to be the first person to confidently jump on a trend and monetize it with our innovative and real methods for finding trends before anyone else.
Create simple books like journals and composition books fast and with free, easily accessible newbie-friendly tools. We even give you ready-made interior templates – Just add a cover (we show you how!)
Make eyecatching and simple t-shirt designs that sell with no previous graphics experience
Source real public domain information and media and learn how to use them to create brand new, marketable products
Understand the basics of copyright, trademark and public domain so you can work safely, effectively and ethically.
Learn how to transform raw data and material into professional products, fast
Know how to ‘bundle’ and differentiate your products so you stand out from the crowd
Create and sell digital subscriptions
Use physical mixed media to create digital products – including what to do with all those old postcards and ephemera you’ve collected over the years.
Research real market demand for your product and launch with confidence
Know how to get your products in front of the people who want them
Learn how to create, sell and distribute sound, speech and music CDs and digital downloads
Master the use of fonts for amazing, professional design results. Source hundreds of great fonts and even create your own.
Learn to generate puzzles, jokes, activities and more!
And most importantly…
You will finish the course with dozens of brand new ideas that will leave your head spinning and the tools and skills to implement them!
Get Curate – Become A Successful Digital Products Seller On Amazon FBA right now!


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