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Chris Do – Logo Design & Construction | INSTANT DOWNLOAD !

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Chris Do – Logo Design & Construction | INSTANT DOWNLOAD !



Chris Do – Logo Design & Construction

Chris Do – Logo Design & Construction

Archive : Chris Do – Logo Design & Construction

What you will learn

01. Letter Marks and Monograms

Chris and Molly explore logos in the form of initials or acronyms and learn how to draw them in AI.


02. Monoline Logos

A subset of the wordmarks that uses a single weight. Watch Chris hand draw one from scratch.


03. Word Mark Logos

Logos that use the name of the company. Chris assigns Molly and Emily a fictitious brand and shepherds them through the hurdles of design.


04. Symbols / Icons

Chris digs into how to create graphic marks that represent brands. Molly and Emily continue with the same client.


05. Combination Marks

Chris combines symbols and wordmarks and guides Emily through creating a full identity system from beginning to end


06. Emblems / Crests

Bonus module! Chris takes Emily through creating a logo contained within a shape for a familiar client…the Futur.


07. Bonus Module

Chris’s popular shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator.



Logo Design and Construction is for you.

Design Student

Stand out among your peers and give your portfolio a competitive edge it needs. Learn from one of design’s current industry leaders and get a peek into professional business practices.


Bring your business to the next level by fine-tuning your skills. Your rates will soar and your client list will grow. Whether you’re a freelancer or small business owner, continuing your education is always worth it.


Give your students an advantage by opening them up to one of design’s biggest names. As supplemental content, Logo Design & Construction will put your classes over the top.

Creative Director

Say goodbye to that feeling when you know something isn’t working, but you can’t quite say why. Mastering these principles will give you the language necessary to critique with detail that will push your team’s work to a higher plane.

Logo construction is one of the pillars of good design.

A logo is visual shorthand for a brand. Every company needs a logo that will help define their brand and every designer needs to have the ability to deliver one. A great logo is clean, well drawn, optically balanced, scales well, distinct, carefully researched and will withstand the test of time. Allow Chris to share his 23+ years in the business with you as he digs into the details of each type of logo, so you can gain an in-depth understanding of this fundamental skill from research to completion. We will take you through six modules: Lettermarks and Monograms, Monoline, Word Mark, Symbols/Icons, Combinations Marks and Emblems/Crests, learning their individual features and watching Chris, Emily, and Molly create from scratch.

We help you get there with a systematic curriculum and in-depth training.

Course – Watch entertaining and informative lectures—a comprehensive guide from defining keywords thru building beautiful presentation mock-ups.

Practice – Complete the 7-week self-study and homework assignments.

Reading – Supplement your education with our list of recommended sources.

Library – Get instant access to our downloadable file archive and other exclusive materials.

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