The Children’s Health Summit

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The Children’s Health Summit

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The Children’s Health Summit

With 27 experts sharing information about fostering, enhancing and understanding our kids, you can do something to improve the health, well being, and lives of your children.

Learn how best to foster what comes naturally to our children: vitality, happiness and whole health. And, be the best parent or caregiver you can be!

Learn how to reset your child’s brain to stop meltdowns and depression
Discover how stress affects your children’s health, now and in the future
Get to the root of what is making your kids sick
Learn how to help your child with weight release
Be healthy: mental health, emotional health, addictions, diet, epigenetics, the list goes on…
Find out what GMOs, big pharma, and big food are really all about
And so much more!

With 27 expert presentations, the Children’s Health Summit is a wealth of knowledge you do not want to miss! This invaluable resource is intended for parents, children and teens everywhere!


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