Cameron A Meunier – Viral Design | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Cameron A Meunier – Viral Design | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Cameron A Meunier – Viral Design | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !



Course Curriculum

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  • Viral Design Group
Viral Design Introduction
  • What you’ll learn in this course(2:30)
  • Why IGTV?(5:22)
Finding Your Content
  • Creating Vs. Curating(2:02)
  • Finding the Perfect Video(4:32)
  • Downloading Videos from Youtube(2:22)
Captions And Music
  • Captions with Rev and Temi(4:24)
  • Find Your Music(3:19)
  • Making Captions in Premiere with Rev(18:21)
Filing, IGTV Sizes, and Colors
  • Filing System(3:05)
  • IGTV Sizes(3:13)
  • What Colors Should You Use?(1:08)
Make Your Video in After Effects
  • Setup Your After Effects Work Space(2:39)
  • The Easiest Way to do Captions(3:21)
  • Bring Your Video Into After Effects(4:14)
  • Retime Your Timeline(1:26)
  • Using Temi to Make Captions in After Effects(10:27)
  • Typing Your Captions by Hand(2:38)
  • Formatting Your Text(2:19)
  • Bring in the Rev Captions(1:14)
  • The Viral Thumbnail(6:50)
  • The Hook(3:40)
  • Video Guides(2:54)
  • The Viral Title(8:16)
  • The Progress Bar(6:41)
  • Call to Action(6:04)
  • Spice It Up with Music(4:39)
  • Export That Video!(3:38)
Getting Your Videos on Instagram
  • Uploading(1:04)
  • Description and Hashtags(3:54)
  • Engagement Groups(1:43)
  • Engaging with Others(1:52)
  • Learn from Your Failures(3:57)
  • Final(1:58)


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