Bob Griswold-Attracting More Love


Bob Griswold-Attracting More Love

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Bob Griswold-Attracting More Love

Bob Griswold-Attracting More Love

Two bestsellers on one CD!

Attracting More Love: You will immediately begin to build more positive, loving relationships in your life with this effective audio program. Your thoughts play an important role in determining who you bring into your life. It will help you overcome past negative programming and help you start attracting the right people into your life.

Personal Magnetism: Some people light up a room when they walk in. They draw people to them like a magnet. This program will help you develop your own natural charm, charisma and magnetic personality. You’ll be more relaxed, persuasive and uninhibited as you attract the people you want in you business or social life.

This 2-in-1 program is part of our Super Strength Series. It features two extremely powerful and effective guided meditation/hypnosis programs designed to help you replace negative programming with positive thoughts, images, and feelings. You’ll learn to love yourself more and receive more love from others.


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