Bernadette Logue – Soul Odyssey – On Demand | Instant Download !

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Bernadette Logue – Soul Odyssey – On Demand | Instant Download !

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Bernadette Logue – Soul Odyssey – On Demand | Instant Download !


Welcome! So delighted to have you with us for the Soul Odyssey program.

To get started with this Introduction Module please:

  1. Watch the welcome video above first.
  2. Then read the important program information below on this page.
  3. Then jump into the Introduction Module step by step training materials (which you will find at the bottom of this page or on your side navigation menu). The Introduction Module sets the foundation before we start Week 1 of the program.
  4. FYI – on the “Materials” tab above the video on this page you’ll be able to download the Introduction Module PDF Reflection/Action Guide (and you will also find the downloadable audio version of the Introduction Module there in case you prefer to listen offline or on-the-go).

What to Expect

This is an 11 week online program, combining weekly on-demand training material and weekly live Q&A classes.

Weekly Training Material

Every week during the program new content will be released for you to access here in the Members Area. You will always find that weekly training content listed on your program homepage here in the Members Area, on the navigation menu.

The weekly content includes material for you to work through in your own time, released every Wednesday (Eastern Time):

  • Training Videos – a series of training videos on the weekly topic
  • Training Audios – the training is also available in downloadable audio format in case you prefer to listen to it offline or on-the-go, instead of watching the videos
  • Keystone Audios – a series of Soul Keystone short audios that relate to the weekly topic.
  • PDF Resources – these support you to apply the training for the week, and you can use these in whatever way feels good to you. It is optional to use the Reflection/Action Guide (you can use some or all of the prompts in this guide). You will also find helpful accompanying Mantras/Affirmations, Prayers and Quotes in a PDF that relate to the topic. Plus a “Memo from Your Soul” PDF.

Q&A Resources & Support

Every week during your 11-week program you also receive a Q&A class replay in video and audio format.

To ask your own unique questions and to get support in applying the training to your unique life, situation and journey, please post questions/comments in the program discussion forum…

Using the Discussion Forum

This Soul Odyssey program has it’s own private discussion forum just for participants, where you can engage to share experiences, comment and ask questions to get Q&A support.

To get started enjoying the DISCUSSION FORUM, CLICK HERE >>

You will see there are 12 sub-forums for Soul Odyssey (one for each week of the program, and one for general discussion). You are welcome to start your own topics for discussion within those forums, and/or reply to others.

You will always find the program forum link by going to “Forums” on the top navigation menu from any page in the Member Area”.

How to Get the Best Result

For you to get the best experience and result from this program, please participate fully in every aspect of the training, starting with the Introduction Module, and then moving sequentially through weeks 1-11 of the program. Please ensure you maximize the Q&A opportunity by asking questions in the Discussion Forum. Bernadette aims to reply back within 24 hours to all questions and comments.


11/11 Steps
What is a Soul Odyssey & 3 Intentions of this Program
What the Soul Odyssey Program Is & Isn’t
How to Get the Best Out of this Program
Big Life Questions
The Nature of the Soul & Journeying
Symbolism & Our Soul Odyssey Map
Benefits of Soul Odyssey
Free Will & Destiny
Intention Setting
Q&A Support


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