Ben Cummings – Apprentice 2.0 Program

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Ben Cummings – Apprentice 2.0 Program

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Ben Cummings – Apprentice 2.0 Program

This is the most exclusive chiropractic training program in the world, limited to just 20 doctors.

Exclusive Apprentice Program in which Ben works with a select group to transform their practice over the course of ONE Year.

Only place Ben teaches his now-legendary One Visit Case Presentation, the Twelve Week Intensive, Apprentice Lab and Software tools, and of course access to Ben via semi-private masterminding group and tremendous marketing plans reserved only for Apprentice members.

*NOTE: This is Ben Cummings, complete Apprentice 2.0 Program, a year long marketing coaching program sold to chiropractors to help them market their practice. It sold for $2995. There is not a better description available from the site, as it is not on the market currently.

This is a good example of a marketer who does really well teaching marketing to a niche. If you wanted to target Chiropractors there is a lot of info that you could repurpose and repackage as services or products.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Ben Cummings – Apprentice 2.0 Program


Ben Cummings – Apprentice 2.0 Program


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