Anneli Hansson – Brand Strategy Fundamentals | Instant Download !

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Anneli Hansson – Brand Strategy Fundamentals | Instant Download !

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Anneli Hansson – Brand Strategy Fundamentals | Instant Download !


Understand the fundamentals of brand strategy and offer strategy workshops as a client service.

Anneli is a Brand strategist, educator and coach. With 20+ years of experience of building brands, she has worked with numerous agencies, enterprises, organizations and freelancers. She is an agency owner but also has experience from the client perspective being a Chief Brand Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Lantmännen, an International multibillion dollar company with focus on agriculture, food, machines and energy, which was awarded the most sustainable brand in Sweden in 2014 and 2019. Her experience comes from working with international brands like Coca-Cola, Polaroid and Levis, but also start-ups within the food and foodtech industry.

She describes herself as the bridge between the creatives and business people. She is dedicated to helping creatives shine and get paid to solve business problems.

What’s Inside:

StartWelcome & Downloads (5:30)
StartLive Q&A Recording (90:38)
StartJoin the Community
Brand Strategy Without Buzzwords
StartThe Basics (2:56)
StartThe Role Of A Brand Strategist (6:44)
StartOutro (1:04)
Step One: Mission, Vision, and Goals
StartPurpose, Mission, Vision, and Goals (7:49)
StartOutro (0:53)
Step Two: Defining The Brand Personality
StartThe Brand as a Person (2:06)
StartExercises & Tools (5:38)
StartOutro (1:00)
Step Three: Target Audience and Research
StartDefining the Target (8:12)
StartResearch (6:24)
StartSummarizing the Data (4:29)
StartExercise: Research (3:08)
StartOutro (0:48)
Step Four: Gap Analysis
StartIdentify the Gap (2:20)
StartCompetitor Analysis (2:48)
StartPositioning (4:08)
StartOutro (1:01)
Step Five: The Roadmap
StartThe Roadmap (3:39)
StartWhat To Cover (3:27)
StartExercise: Scenario Planning (1:46)
Next Step
StartSelling Brand Execution (2:10)
StartStart Offering Brand Strategy (5:09)
StartFurther Resources (0:35)
StartWrap Up (2:13)
StartChange Log


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