Alexander Elder – Simple Writing System

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Trading Room Video Course
( Come Into My Trading Room )
Dr Alexander Elder (Author)This video was filmed in St Maarten, during our week-long Caribbean Traders’ Camp. The almost 10-hour long video covers all aspects of trading – psychology, tactics, money management, record-keeping, all illustrated with a multitude of charting examples. It follows the book Come Into My Trading Room in its broad outline, but in many parts goes much farther and deeper, in response to campers’ questions.To view a 14-minute demo video, please go to the DVD set, you get a beautiful full-screen view and a visual menu, allowing you to click on any chapter on that DVD (there are multiple DVDs in the set).  This visual menu is available only on DVDs.  The only downside is that you’ll have to wait for disk delivery (we generally ship the same day).With the download option, you get near-instant access.  The quality is the same as DVD, but the image slightly smaller and there is no onscreen menu.  Keep in mind, that here you’ll have two sub-options: you may play the videos from our server or download them to your computer.  We recommend the first option which tends to run faster and smoother, and you may replay those videos as many times as you like.


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