Akram – Virtual Ecom Summit | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Akram – Virtual Ecom Summit | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Akram – Virtual Ecom Summit | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Module 1: Traffic Sources
  • Youtube Performance Marketing(37:29)
  • 2020’S Strategy For Scaling E-Commerce Email(46:39)
  • Scaling Your Brand Through Gen Z: Snapchat Media Buying(22:18)
  • How To Create Converting Ads For Any Offer(18:13)
  • How To Bring In More Sales From Organic Listings Of Your Store On Search Engines(42:43)
  • Highly Profitable Brand Building During A Recession(23:41)
  • 2020’S Must Knows For Native Ads(24:58)
Module 2: E-Commerce
  • How To Scale Influencers Through Facebook Paid Ads(24:29)
  • 5 Ways To Scale Your Ecom Store Without Spending Any Extra Money On Ads(31:34)
  • Facebook Ads Tactics(50:24)
  • Maximizing AOV & LTV Through Funnel Optimizations, Upsells And Remarketing(23:03)
  • How To Start Dropshipping And Turn It Into A Brand Asset In 2020(69:00)
  • How To Growth Hack Your E-Commerce Businesses To $10m In 18 Months(33:05)
  • Selling High Ticket Dropshipping Products On Google Display Network 2020(66:01)
  • How to Run E-commerce on Cash on Delivery in India in 2020(43:33)
Module 3: Funnels & Systems
  • 3-Step “Dumb Writing” System He Uses To Write Winning, Compliant E-Com Advertorials(54:08)
  • How To Hire, Train And Scale Media Buying Teams(46:56)
  • 3 Keys To Scaling Your E-Commerce Business To 8 Figures(60:07)
  • Boost Your Sales With Payment Solutions(22:35)
  • How To CRUSH Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates(25:05)
  • Forget The Hacks: How to REALLY build a 7-figure E-Com Business(35:01)
  • 8-Step Process On Scaling To $3M A Month(22:13)


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