2019 12 Daze Bundle – John Overdurf | Instant Download !

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2019 12 Daze Bundle – John Overdurf | Instant Download !

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2019 12 Daze Bundle – John Overdurf | Instant Download !



A Direct TranceMission from Flying Pig Farm…Inside…the Loft … A  Deep & Expansive Foray into…..

Brain-Brain-Waving Through the Rhizome

Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching & Rhizomatic Linguistics

Orchestrating Your Inner Voices:  Re-consolidating Self-Talk

The All Inclusive Twelve Daze Bundle

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Well, I thought I’d made a quantum leap with all what I learned from the Rhizome material, the last couple years.  I had….Then….another one happened:  Brain-Waving.

Together they have formed a basis for a whole different experience of the world and myself. I am not bullshitting.  All of the “brain-waving” combined with the Rhizome has opened me to a more expansive, yet grounded, way of becoming, like nothing before.  The result has been whole new suite of leading-edge processes and inspired content which we’re offering this this year’s Twelve Daze of Xmas.

In year’s past, we’ve put out very limited content from Trance of a Lifetime, and all other trainings I do, for that matter.   I want to preserve the integrity of the live trainings, and I want to put out only what is best suited for home study.  This year’s offerings rock.

So, you’ll get to sit-in and benefit from a significant portion this training in the comfort of your own home!  What you’ll be learning is a synthesis of neuroscience, hypnosis, coaching, NLP/HNLP, and my 40 years of therapy, coaching and training experience and ….um… Life. 

Each of the three parts includes rich, full-out demonstrations to put the principles being taught into action.  Together they flow into a major training you can experience in the comfort of your own home.  In fact, they are even sequenced in the same order as they occurred in Trance of a Lifetime. There is very little editing, so you really get the look, sound and feel of all the spontaneous, insightful, transformative and quirky moments – and there are MANY!  And there are LOTS of cool bonuses, so check them all out!

We’re offering each part as individual mini-trainings or a very specially priced bundle which is 40% off regular pricing, for your conscious and unconscious listening pleasure!

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