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Danny Iny – The Art of Offer Craft

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Danny Iny – The Art of Offer Craft

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Do you struggle to attract meaningful sales, even when you KNOW your customers NEED what you have? If so, then let me show you how you can…

Effortlessly and Ethically Multiply Your Sales (Even Without a Big Audience)

By Crafting Offers That Speak Directly to Your Customer’s Deepest Desires

Introducing the Art of Offer Craft, the only online business education course that walks you through the process of crafting compelling offers to transform your business

The first strategy to making a sale is what we’ll call “the strategy of persuasion”.

I want to talk about this one first, because it’s what most people think of when they think of selling.

This is where most of the marketing you’ve seen or learned about comes into play:

  • The “ninja” copywriting strategies
  • The complex funnels
  • The social proof that swears the offer changed their life
  • The limited time offers
  • The super long sales letters with red and yellow highlighting
  • The immense (and disingenuously valued) bonus stacking
  • The sales videos that don’t have controls on them
  • The high-pressure phone calls from telemarketers

What all of these have in common is that they’re all about *persuading* and CONVINCING you to buy something… and in some cases, they move past persuasion, and into the territory of manipulation.

How do you attract the right people to your offers so powerfully, that persuasion becomes irrelevant?

It’s a lot harder to make the strategy of persuasion irrelevant, than it is to make the strategy of attraction irrelevant.

By that, I mean that we all know to use the strategy of persuasion, at least in theory, because we see these tactics being used on us all of the time…

These are the scarcity plays, and the unbelievable social proof, and all the rest of it.

But when it comes to applying the strategy of attraction, we’re at a loss, for two reasons…

First of all, it’s just much rarer to witness the strategy of attraction in effect in our everyday lives, so we don’t have as many examples to draw experience from.

But more importantly, even when we DO see a great example, it’s almost like there’s some “invisible magic” at play… and we can’t for the life of us figure out what’s REALLY going on.

So, we conclude that some offers just have that “magic” – and if ours doesn’t… then we feel that we have to rely heavily on persuasion tactics to bring in the sales we want.

Here’s a little secret I discovered though…

When an offer’s attraction is powerful, it isn’t by accident

Whenever you feel the magnetic pull of attraction from one of those “magic offers”, it’s the result of a lot of care that goes on “behind the scenes” to truly understand you (as a customer) on a deep level, and align the offer with your deepest desires.

If you can create that powerful alignment, you don’t need to lean on a big email list, fancy copywriting techniques, funnel technologies, or anything else.

It means that even with the simplest setup and the smallest audience, customers will buy from you, because you’re offering *exactly* what they’re looking for.

The question is, how do you do it?

This was a question I started thinking long and hard about some time ago, back when I didn’t have this “sales” thing figured out.

It might surprise you to hear this but…

The 5 Step Process For Crafting Irresistible Offers

You see, all of those additional sales happened because I changed a few key components of the marketing and sales campaign, in line with my Offer Craft Framework…

There are five steps to the Offer Craft Framework:

(1) The Transformation

(2) The Motivation

(3) The Mechanism

(4) The Proof

(5) The Campaign

The first four are the ingredients – they’re the components of the message that you need to determine before executing.

The fifth (and final) step is The Campaign, which is where you assemble your ingredients to present your offer to your audience in way that ethically excites them to buy.

Let’s explore the Offer Craft Framework in a little more detail, starting with the first step…

The Transformation

The first step in the framework is the Transformation.

This is the core of what your offer will do for people who buy and make use of it, and it goes way beyond the features and benefits that most marketers talk about.

It’s about understanding – on a foundational level – what the most important difference is between the before picture and the after picture of your prospect’s life. This is the Transformation and it’s what your customer really wants to experience once you’ve delivered on the promises you’re making in your offer.

Once you’ve gotten clear on the Transformation that you’ll create for your customers, you’re ready to move on to the second step in the Offer Craft Framework…

The Motivation

The Motivation is about understanding the deep psychosocial drivers that explain why that Transformation really matters to your customer in the first place.

Without understanding this, it doesn’t matter how compelling the Transformation might be, because you’ll be leaving it up to them to connect the dots between the Transformation and the things that matter most to them.

But when you can connect the dots for them, it shows that you truly understand their situation.

Right now, the Transformation I’m teaching you about is the ability to create compelling and attractive offers that bring customers to you in droves. Your Motivation for learning this is that you know the product or service you’re offering is part of a higher purpose, and by making it more attractive to the right people, you’re working to make the world better for your customers, yourself and your family.

That’s what drives us as entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s not *just* about making lots of money — though of course that inevitably happens when you use the Offer Craft Framework to implement a powerful attraction marketing strategy!

It comes down to creating a sustainable way of making the impact that you care about making… which is what business is really about.

So, we’ve got the first step, which is the Transformation, and the second step, which is the Motivation. Just having those two figured out will put you miles ahead of your competition.

But it’s not enough. And if you stop here, it might even backfire.

When you can literally spell out how your offer will change your customers’ lives in the way that matters most to them, they MAY become suspicious that your offer sounds TOO good to be true.

That’s where the third step in the framework comes into the picture…

Get Danny Iny – The Art of Offer Craft  right now!

The Mechanism

The Mechanism is about finding the “hook” that will give your audience the confidence that what you’re offering is feasible, because they can logically understand how you will deliver that outcome.

Imagine if I just told you that by aligning what you’ve got with what people want, you’ll be able to sell more, and that was the end of the story.

Why would you believe that I can actually deliver on that promised outcome?

The answer is that I’m introducing you to the concept of the Offer Craft Framework – that’s the Mechanism that you were lacking when you tried to figure this out in the past. 🙂

All right, so far we’ve covered three steps in the framework, and they’re powerful steps.

If you can:

  • Legitimately promise the greatest transformation your customer desires in the world
  • Align it with the core human drivers of your audience
  • And show a mechanism that makes sense to them, so that they can connect the dots and understand how it will work…

… well, then you’ve got a pretty compelling case for why someone should take the leap and purchase your offer.

But there’s a missing ingredient.

And the bigger the commitment on the part of the customer, the more of this next ingredient they’re going to want…

The Proof

That missing ingredient is the fourth step in the framework: The Proof.

These are the demonstrations, case studies, testimonials, quantitative results… anything and everything that you can share with them to unequivocally prove that what you’re offering them will work.

And there are a lot of ways to do this.

If you consider this sales letter and the email campaign that I’ve been sending you as part of the launch of the Art of Offer Craft, there have been a lot of different proof elements.

  • I showed you logically how you can multiply your sales results through attraction marketing.
  • Right now, I’m explaining the building blocks that go into the Offer Craft Framework.
  • And I’ve been sharing with you my own experience using this process to multiply our results between the first two launches of our Course Builder’s Laboratory program.
  • And for good measure, you will also see testimonials on this page from the high profile private clients who hire me to help them with this exact process, along with students of mine who have successfully crafted their offers to appeal to their best customers.

These are all different kinds of proof that are meant to show you that what I’m describing to you actually works.

Once you have your proof in place, you’re missing one last component to ensure that your offer is a success…

It’s the fifth and final step in the Offer Craft Framework, which is the actual presentation of your offer to your prospects…

The Campaign

There’s a reason why we’re four fifths of the way through the framework, without ever talking about the actual offer, or how to present it.

Abraham Lincoln famously said that if he had six hours to chop down a tree, he’d spend the first four sharpening the axe.

That’s what this process is all about – as long as you don’t short-change the first four steps, the last one, where you actually map out the campaign that presents the offer to your audience, is easy because you’ve already done all of the heavy lifting.

To effectively create your campaign, there are two distinct steps:

First, you need to help people see the need for something LIKE your offer.

The idea here is that before you ever present your offer, people should be sold on wanting and needing something like it.

We do this by crafting what I call the “demand narrative”, which is essentially the story that people are going to go through to bring them to a place where they’re ready to buy. The demand narrative is the message that takes people from not knowing anything about your product to having a burning desire to purchase it.

Once they get to that point, you present the actual offer.

If you’ve built a good demand narrative, leveraging The Transformation, The Motivation, The Mechanism and The Proof, then presenting the actual offer is pretty easy.

So, now that you’re familiar with the framework, let’s get back to how we nearly tripled the sales for our Course Builder’s Laboratory in only 8 months…

Art of Offer Craft is the only online business education course that walks you through the process of crafting compelling offers to transform your business

This online video course covers the ENTIRE process of creating the kinds of offers that will transform your business.

You’ll get access to all of the Art of Offer Craft training materials, including video lessons in which I teach you step-by-step everything you need to know to create an offer your customers will love, and downloadable worksheets to guide you through your “homework.”

No other course includes the exact step-by-step process for crafting offers that I’ve perfected after helping hundreds of business craft their very own offers.

Inside the Art of Offer Craft Training Program

Art of Offer Craft includes a beautifully organized set of video coursework, worksheets, and case studies — all recorded, fully transcribed, and downloadable in multiple formats so you can access it anywhere, any time.

I’m passionate about creating education experiences that deliver real results, and right now we’re testing out a methodology that we believe will help everyone get better results, faster. So this program is currently part of an experiment in instructional design.

We’re using cohort-based progression, which means you’ll begin the program at the same time as a group of fellow students, and you’ll need to keep up a minimum pace of one module per week to stay with the group. If you don’t keep up, you’ll start over with the *next* cohort. We’re testing this approach because our hypothesis is that it will help you to complete your learning productively without slipping off schedule.

Module 1 – The Transformation

  • Why your need to put your customer’s “Transformation” at the core of your offer (and why most marketers never mention it)
  • How to vividly paint the mental “before and after” picture that your customer aches for… in a way that’s both compelling AND ethical
  • The truth about highlighting “features and benefits” of your offer (and why what most marketers tell you is COMPLETELY wrong)
  • The subtle difference between “tangible” and “emotional” Transformations – and why one is the key to your offer’s success
  • How to uncover the burning problems that move your customer on a deep level; the problems they’re excited to pay SOMEONE to solve (will it be you?)
  • How to discover the exact words and phrases that outline what your customer really wants

Module 2 – The Motivation

  • How to discover the REAL driving forces behind your customer’s buying decisions (even the simplest needs and desires have so much going on beneath the surface and this simple framework will allow you to cut through the clutter)
  • Why most marketers sound “cheap and cheesy” when they try to sell you their stuff (HINT: this common problem boils down to a subtle misunderstanding of your customer’s motivations)
  • A little-known 75-year-old framework for uncovering people’s deep motivations (this will allow you to speak to them on a profound level, using the words that matter most to them)
  • Why you need to look for tension and dissonance in your customer’s life… and then craft your offer around it

Module 3 – The Mechanism

  • How to craft your offer so your business isn’t subjected to the perils of “market sophistication”
  • Why extensive experience in your industry by ITSELF is NOT enough to make your offer compelling
  • How to craft effective marketing claims WITHOUT having to make ridiculously exaggerated benefits
  • Why your marketing needs a “unique mechanism” to attract your most valued customers
  • How companies in highly competitive markets – like fitness and weight loss – are able to craft their offers to get a legitimate power-up over the competition (and how you can bake this same principle into your offer)

Module 4 – The Proof

  • How to collect proof in a way that is key to making sales – without any trickery!
  • The 5 “Elements of Proof” you need to work into your offer for the best chance of success
  • What to do when your offer is new and you don’t THINK you have any proof
  • A dead-simple way that infomercials use proof to create hundreds of happy customers every day!
  • Why you need to use your credentials in a way that makes you trustworthy and believable (lots of people get this wrong!)
  • 3 ways to quickly generate testimonials if your offer is new and you’re short on proof

Module 5 – The Campaign

  • Why you ACTUALLY need to spend 75% of your time marketing, not selling (most people think they need to sell all the time – but this is actually counter-productive)
  • How to craft a magnetic demand narrative with a simple 3-step process
  • How to identify the objections your customers are likely to have (and how to answer them in a valuable way that builds trust that your offer is the right choice for them)
  • A powerful technique that allows your customers to experience the benefit of your offer (without having to buy it first!)
  • The 5 components that your marketing & sales campaign MUST have in order for it to succeed
  • How to properly use “risk reversal” so that your customers feel like purchasing from you is a safe decision

PLUS 3 Special Bonus Templates!

  • Webinar offer crafting template to help you plan and script high-converting online workshops and webinars that make sales AND boost your credibility
  • Sales page offer crafting template (if your current sales page isn’t getting results, then you need this to create compelling sales page copy!)
  • Sales call offer crafting template to guide your sales conversations toward conversion in an effortless, ethical way

Get Danny Iny – The Art of Offer Craft right now!
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